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Branch of medical science primarily concerning the cause, origin, and nature of the disease. It involves the examination of tissues, organs, and body fluids.

At AFCare diagnostic team always goes the extra mile to generate you the most authentic results.

Digital Full Body X-Ray

To study the anatomy of the body use of X-ray is paramount. We have in house facility at our Charkop, Mumbai center dedicated to X-ray related operations.


ECG is an electrocardiogram, which is a simple test that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity.

Our team headed by Dr. Chirag Shah(DM Cardiologist) is there to take care of your heart. We even provide home visits for ECG as well.

Blood Testing

Blood is important for measuring all the organ-related values in our body. Our phlebotomist team follows a strict protocol of painless blood collection and quick Turn Around Time for any test results keeping in mind the quality of the sample remains intact.


Sugar Testing

Due to a sedentary lifestyle nowadays sugar irregularities constitute a significant concern and bear life-threatening risks, periodic blood glucose level check is needed of the hour.

We at AFCare have all the essential parameters required to assess the blood glucose levels namely fasting, random, postprandial, HbA1c, etc. so that disease can be diagnosed precisely.

Routine Checkups

We push you to get yourself tested periodically once every 6 months on your general body parameters, our backend team is dedicated to notifying you on your birthdays to gift yourself the joy of good health.

Portable Digital X-Ray

We at AFCare make a conscious effort to constantly upgrade our machinery as you deserve the best available modality. The use of portable X-rays is just a stepping stone in our progress to achieve a fully well-equipped lab for sample testing and X-ray.

Corporate Packages

We have many testing parameters clubbed together in a more predictable manner as corporate packages which you can choose for yourself as they give you a holistic findings of multiple organ systems at discounted PRICE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic test  reports are processed within 6-8 hours of sample collection. Some special tests may require 24-48 hours for final reports. We at AFcare do understand the patients concerns and may process  some urgent reports within 30-120 minutes on request.

Yes , we do provide home visits 24 x7  for ECG AND BLOOD TESTS by our well trained and qualified para medical experts . 

First Morning Urine mid stream sample is required

We have NABL certified laboratory partners   and  ISO certified  in house fully automated pathological laboratory with physical supervision of pathologists and senior laboratory technicians available 24 x7.

Yes we have  complete full body check up plans from basic to advanced levels depending upon your requirements .  you can call on : 9987617271 / 8828617271  for our healthcare experts advice.

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