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Root Canal Treatment

We at AF Care takes a special effort in following the strict protocol of giving the patient a PAINLESS experience while performing treatment like a root canal.

A tooth has two protective layers before we reach the nerves of the tooth. If a black spot or commonly called a cavity reaches the nerve layer then there is a need to do a root canal treatment in order to restore health in the decaying tooth.

Always cover the root canal-treated tooth with a crown, the familiar term used for which is a cap.

Laser Treatment

With the help of expert clinical dentists, we provide the modality of LASER at your helm at an affordable cost.

The approach for incorporating LASER is aimed at easier compliance faster healing and painless treatment.

Electro Surgery

Electro surgery

Digital X-Ray

Most advanced tool for diagnosing dental problems is the pivotal point which differentiates us from the rest in the field of dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry / Smile Designing

To ‘MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD’ and provide a ‘HOLLYWOOD SMILE’ is our aim and motive here at AF Care.

All the intricacies and expertise to achieve a customized smile design according to your face type are being taken care of with the use of the latest technology.

Dental Implants

This is the BEST alternative for a missing tooth available in dentistry. A dental implant is basically an artificial root over which a platform or support is placed so that a crown can be anchored strongly.

You can literally chew all the foodstuff which you like after the cap is placed over an implant, it is that good. We at AF Care have covered your finance part also by providing you A NO COST EMI payment option for implants.

Tooth Jewellery

As the name goes in this dental procedure literally a sparkling diamond or 24carat gold is bonded in your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

It is one of the quickest dental procedures available to brighten the teeth. Teeth whitening is a single sitting procedure which improves the whiteness of your teeth.

Pediatric (Child) Dentistry

We have experienced pedodontists with us to provide a friendly way of treating your child and allaying the fears with a unique behavioral managing approach

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

3rd molar surgeries or wisdom tooth surgery are unavoidable as the pain of 3rd molar is repetitive and can pose problems in daily routine.

Making the experience of surgery comforting and painless is of utmost priority at AF Care.

Braces Treatment (Orthodontics)

We at AF Care believe in alignment of teeth improves and allays all the dental problems in life, which is in fact true.
So problems like gaps in between the teeth, crooked teeth, overbite, deep bite, open bite, crossbite, and even smile designing can be easily treated by BRACES OR ALIGNERS.

Aligners being the more comfortable option among the two for being removable, convenient, and transparent is chosen more often by patients.

Crown and Bridges

To reproduce the original form and shape of the decayed tooth we need a proper dental cap or a dental crown so that you can enjoy your favorite cheat food without any regrets.

Our expert team of Doctors takes care in suggesting to you a wide array of dental caps or dental crowns and also suggests to you which one is best for your tooth.

P.S. ~ All the dental caps here at AFCare comes with a warranty, so that your future is also covered tension free.

Gum Care and Gum Surgery

Gums are not only supports for our teeth but also the main tissue of oral hygiene. Keeping the gums healthy and strong by preventive cleaning or by repositioning the lost gum level by surgery keeps the teeth intact.

Dental Filling and Cleaning

As the popular saying goes that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, dental filling and cleaning are the most preventive treatments available that increase the life of your teeth.

Regular check-up and going for a filling or a cleaning not only improves the condition of decaying tooth but also saves you a lot of money for future expensive dental treatment like root canals,dental implants, crowns and bridges, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimal to no pain. Any pain inducing procedure will be well-managed with  local anaesthesia and advanced painless techniques by our doctors. We use topical spray and topical gels to make local anaesthesia a painless experience.

Dental treatment needs multiple appointments .Appointment duration will be approximately 15-30 minutes. we at AFcare believe in minimal appointments and time bound completion of treatment . we do have teeth in a day treatment plans too depending upon the condition of tooth.

Dental treatment at AFcare is cost effective with NO COST EMI plans . All payment options are available like UPI , cash , credit cards , debit cards and online bank transfer .  One time registration  fee is rs 100 and consultation  fee is rs 100 , during consultation patients will be given different treatment options with doctors recommendation , patient can select the option as per thier will  and at their ease. Cost of dental treatment varies according to treatment plans selected by patients . You can call on : 7208027271 for detailed costs of treatment.

All dental treatments done at AFCare are covered with Amarr assurance wherein a warranty of 5 years to 15 years is provided with due terms and conditions.

Any dental issues, when treated at the earliest stage, will take lesser time, effort, pain and cost. And it will also maintain the integrity and health of all oral structures.

There are very few dental ailments that can be treated with only medicines. Most of the changes that occur in a dental disease are irreversible due to a very high number of micro-organisms present in the mouth and the nature of the teeth and gums. So best results can be achieved only after proper procedure, though only medicines would provide temporary relief.

 Cancer cannot be confirmed by just clinical examination and we shall have to perform an additional procedure like a biopsy to confirm the possibility. Until then, there is no need to believe anything otherwise.

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